EDCenter Solution

With the new EDCenter, International Technology has developed an end-to-end platform in a cloud application for predictive diagnostics to help customers monitor and optimize all the engines and fuel consumptions of their fleets more effectively.

The EDCenter changes the habit of waiting for weeks to receive reports to be analyzed. We are able to transform the immense amount of incoming data which is produced every day into useful information to feed back to our customers for on-the-spot decisions and planning purposes to further reduce operating costs.

Benefits / Increased profit

The effectiveness of the overall solution helps keeping track of the engine condition and fuel consumption with an easy traffic-light navigation across the entire fleet. We want to empower our customers such as chiefs, superintendents, fleet manager as well as external experts with the necessary insight to shift from a reactive “repair after failure” mode to a proactive “repair before failure” stance. The result will show more efficient operations and increased fleet availability for our customers. The more our customers’ engines are optimized and stay running, the more money they earn.

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